Donnelly Difference

  • Other dealers will charge you thousands for this engine coverage, but at Donnelly it is absolutely NO CHARGE.
  • When you buy a new or used car at any of our Donnelly Dealerships, you will receive a Lifetime Engine Guarantee.
  • Engine repairs and components are covered for as long as you own the vehicle.
  • No mileage limits. No time limits. No maximum number of claims. No aggregate dollar claim amount per life of the contract. And no deductible - just maintain your car and you will never pay for an engine again.

  • We are always looking for quality inventory.
  • We want your trade-in. A good car is just as good as cash to used car specialists like us.
  • Why would you want to sell your car privately, have strangers come to your home and bother you with questions after it's sold? And why take the security risk?
  • Your car can be converted into cash almost immediately when you deal with Donnelly.

  • We know the best way to sell a used car is to sell one that has been well maintained and lovingly cared for. We know it will last longer and perform better for the next owner.
  • Many people care for their cars - even exceeding the manufacturer's recommendations - because they know it will pay off in performance and the life of the car.
  • These owners should be rewarded for the extra time and money they've invested.
  • You know your vehicle best and if you are one of those owners who has completed your services with reputable service shops and have complete service records, we will pay you an additional $500 over the appraisal value whether you are trading for another car or selling it to us for cash.

  • We appreciate our loyal customers. Make use of our Donnelly Loyalty Card which puts 5% of your service, parts and accessories purchases back on your card that you can use like cash at any Donnelly location.
  • We also have a Repeat Purchase Certificate for an individual who purchases two vehicles within a year. Get $800 on your Loyalty Card for the purchase of a pre-owned vehicle and $400 for a new vehicle.

  • Donnelly staff members are trained to match your needs to the car you drive home and they are confident in the quality of the cars they sell.
  • Knowing this, why would someone want to exchange their vehicle? Usually it's because his/her circumstances change.
  • Our unique exchange privilege has worked for people like the labourer who changed jobs and didn't need a truck anymore or the twenty something who took delivery of a sports car then found out he/she is going to have a family and needs a four door.
  • If something like this happens to you, our unique exchange program allows you to replace it with another vehicle of similar value.
  • Most dealerships say buyer beware; Donnelly says let's make sure you are driving the right car for your needs and work together to ensure you don't lose money when you need it most.

  • Everyone knows that when you buy a used vehicle once you've driven it off the lot, most of the time you are responsible for all the repairs.
  • At Donnelly's family of dealerships we say if we've delivered a good car you won't have a problem with it. We're prepared to back up our mechanical reconditioning 100%. That means should you have a mechanical problem, we will take care of it in the first 30 days of ownership.
  • Other dealers nickel and dime you shortly after you take delivery if there are any problems. We say that shouldn't happen and we're going to make sure you are 100% happy!

  • We store your off season tires! (Buy winter tires - we store your summer tires).
  • We fill your tires with Nitrogen - go green and get better mileage!
  • 40 years in business & locally owned means we're part of the community, support local charities and get involved in community projects.
  • When bad things happen to good people, our Donnelly Auto Credit specialists get you back on the road driving again.
  • Etch Security Protection - if your car is stolen get a $3500 credit towards a new car.
  • Donnelly Knows Price Sells! Every vehicle is clearly marked with a low pre-discounted price as part of our DKPS program.
These are retail programs and some conditions apply. See dealer for complete details on each program.